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The Association of Shotokan Karate Clubs

Traditional & Modern Karate

Derby, Northampton and Somerset

ASKC Annual Tournament 2016 Results and Photos

Kata Results

Blue and Red Belts

1st- Lyla Hudson

2nd- Freddie

3rd- Sebastian

Orange, Yellow and Green Belts

1st- Niamh Collins

2nd- Paige Browne

3rd- Calyum

Purple Belts and Above

1st- Mishal Naeem

2nd- Abdullah Nadeem

3rd- Ayan Naeem

Team Kata Results

1st- Mishal Naeem, Abdullah Nadeem, Ayan Naeem

2nd- Niamh's Team

3rd- Lyla's Team

Freestyle Results

Blue and Red Belts

1st- Phoebe Willis

2nd- Oliver Shelley

3rd- Megan Browne

Weapons Results

1st- Mishal Naeem

2nd- Daniel Boak

3rd- Ayan Naeem

Blue, Red and Orange Belts

1st- Oliver Shelley

2nd- Megan Browne

3rd- Freddie

Orange Belts and above U11

1st- Kylan Brooks

2nd- Ayan Naeem

3rd- Rameez

Orange Belts and above 12+yrs

1st- Mishal Naeem

2nd- Abdullah Nadeem

3rd- Malackey

Student of the Tournament

Nathan Boak